This position requires passion for creative youth development, and extensive experience with children’s theatre. Rehearsal for Life is an equal opportunity employer.

Position status: .382 FTE
Salary: $27,122
Benefits: Competitive benefits package

FY22 Anticipated Schedule:

● July 2021 — 5 hours (total)

● August 2-September 10, 2021 — 10 admin hours a week (6 weeks) = 60 hrs

● September 13-December 17, 2021 — 20.5 hours per week (4 hours “onsite” rehearsal per week; 3 hours rehearsal prep per week; 3.5 meeting hours per week; 15 hours Fall tech hours; 10 admin hours per week) for 15 weeks = 322.5 hours

● January 3-January 21, 2022 — 10 admin hours per week (1 week) = 10 hrs

● January 10-January 21, 2022 — 14 hours per week (2 hours workshops per week, 10 hours admin) = 28 hrs

● January 24-May 27, 2022 — 20.5 hours per week (4 hours onsite rehearsal; 3 hours rehearsal prep; 20 Spring tech hours total; 3.5 meeting hours per week; 10 admin hours per week) for 18 weeks = 369 hours

● This position requires some flexibility and advance calendar planning with RFL administration for each academic calendar year, given varied school vacation schedules (Dec/Feb/March/Apr).

● Fall semester programming will run for 15 weeks, ending the week of December 17th, 2021.

● Spring semester programming will run for 18 weeks, ending the week of May 27, 2022.

● Goal to run Winter Workshops in January 2022, building off the FY21 newly launched Freelance Players workshop model.

Approximate total hours: – 794.5 hours/.382 FTE


Below are the responsibilities of the Freelance Players Associate Director. Please note that, given the realities of the coronavirus pandemic, it will be critical that the Associate Director remain flexible with how tasks are performed, in order to remain responsive and supportive to our partners and students during this time.

General Duties

● Report to the Executive & Artistic Director (EAD) and Managing Director.

● Oversee the Freelance Troupes (currently six) and Story Theater.

● Represent Rehearsal for Life (RFL) as needed to support EAD.

Artistic Supervision

● Ensure the artistic quality and educational integrity of RFL’s Freelance Players (FLP) program.

● Direct at least two of the Freelance Troupes.

● Report to the EAD on the artistic and educational integrity of all FLP programs.

● Incorporate feedback from EAD on programming content.

● Collaborate with the Troupe directors and EAD on the direction and production of virtual content.

● Design and direct FLP program schedule, rehearsals and meetings with program staff.

● Coordinate and manage the scripts and scores of the Freelance Press library.

● Work with each Troupe director on program content each season.

● Partner with EAD in support of larger organizational goals.

Staff Management

● Staffing the six (more or less) FLP companies and Story Theater, adhering to budget for each program.

● Working with RFL administrative office each season to oversee Troupe enrollments, billing and tuition payments and scholarships; secure CORI and SORI checks on Freelance staff; develop accurate contact lists of FLP staff and participating families and students; ensure that FLP web pages are accurate and up to date.

● Setting payment schedule for contracted teaching artists.

● Secure all rehearsal and performance spaces.

● Help develop staff’s creative youth development knowledge.

● Engage with staff from all areas of the organization, whether artistic or administrative, to build constructive, healthy relationships with one another and their constituents.

● Work with the Managing Director on outward facing communications, fundraising and marketing initiatives.

● Coordinate with and receive approval from EAD and Managing Director on new hires, when needed.


● Strong alignment with the Rehearsal for Life mission, vision, and values.

● Expertise and demonstrated exercise of equity, diversity, inclusion, access and representation in all aspects of management and leadership, ensuring a just and anti-racist setting for all colleagues and program participants.

● Demonstrated experience as effective manager of creative youth development program.

● Ability to influence and motivate others, with a keen understanding of how to impact individual and group mindset, knowledge and skills.

● Strong time management skills, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple tasks/priorities.

● Experience with virtual instruction preferred but not required.

● Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience in Theatre, Education, and/or Arts Integration.


Rehearsal for Life (formerly Urban Improv/Freelance Players) is uses theatre to promote social change through our two primary programs: Urban Improv and Freelance Players. Our mission is to strengthen young people’s social and emotional skills for every stage in life, through dialogue, creativity and performance.

The Freelance Players program engages youth in the creation and performance of original musical theater for audiences of all ages while fostering imagination, self-expression, empathy, and confidence in young people. Through six performance Troupes across Greater Boston and Story Theater classes for younger children, the Freelance Players promotes community by building bridges across racial, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic boundaries. Each Troupe produces two original musicals a year which are performed around the community, many free of charge as a public service.

Our Values: Creativity, Empathy, Respect, Cooperation, Empowered Self-Expression, Diversity & Inclusion, Positive Social Change


Please send a cover letter and resume to Qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews on a rolling basis, and the position will remain open until filled. Thank you very much for your interest in Rehearsal for Life. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work together to empower Boston youth.