This position requires passion for creative youth development, and deep knowledge of applied theatre, social-
emotional learning skills, trauma-informed and culturally responsive practice. The Associate Director of Urban
Improv will have experience working with a range of races, ethnicities, and cultures and students in under-
resourced urban communities. Rehearsal for Life is an equal opportunity employer.

Position status: Exempt, part-time (.625 FTE)
Salary: $41,000 – $47,000 based on experience
Benefits: Competitive benefits package
Schedule: ~30 hrs week for 43 weeks, late August through mid June, Mon-Fri, generally between the hours of 9am-3pm

Below are the responsibilities of the Urban Improv Associate Director. Please note that given the realities of the
coronavirus pandemic, it will be critical that the Associate Director remain flexible with how tasks are performed
in order to remain responsive and supportive to our partners and students during this time.

General Duties
● Report to the Executive & Artistic Director (EAD).
● Collaborate with the EAD on curriculum development, ensemble configuration, and program delivery.
● Work with EAD to develop, hire and train staff.
● Direct ensemble on day to day job responsibilities.
● Act as lead facilitator/coach for live (virtual or in person) programming
● Produce live and virtual workshops, in collaboration with EAD and videographers.
● Serve as a liaison between classroom teachers, UI ensemble, and Senior Program Manager.
● Serve as a connectivity leader to foster community relationships.
● Represent Rehearsal for Life as needed to support EAD.

Artistic Direction
● Ensure the artistic quality and educational integrity of Rehearsal for Life (RFL)’s Urban Improv program.
● Foster artistic expression and define UI aesthetic choices in collaboration with EAD.
● Contribute to the creation, implementation and refinement of Urban Improv curriculum in collaboration
with EAD.
● Ensuring consistency and cohesion of program goals through observation of Urban Improv ensemble
members’ program delivery.
● Lead and deliver Urban Improv curriculum through facilitation, performance, and direct student
engagement, whether live or face-to-face.
● Collaborate with EAD on the artistic and educational integrity of all Urban Improv programs.
● Collaborate with the videographers and EAD on the direction and production of virtual content.
● Design and direct Urban Improv program schedule, rehearsals and meetings with program staff.
● Partner with EAD in support of larger organizational goals.

Staff Management
● Orient ensemble members to new protocol for classroom and public engagement as needed.
● Collaborate with Senior Manager, Managing Director, and EAD to coordinate all production and evaluation
aspects of Urban Improv program within budget.
● Track ensemble activity for monthly payroll.
● Provide classroom and partner event documentation to Senior Program Manager.
● Help develop staff’s creative youth development knowledge.
● Attend weekly meetings with EAD, Senior Program Manager, and Managing Director.
● Engage with staff from all areas of the organization, whether artistic or administrative, to build
constructive, healthy relationships with one another and their constituents.
● Conduct performance reviews with EAD for the UI ensemble.
● Coordinate with EAD on new hires, when needed.

Community Liaison
● Articulate the goals, philosophy and approach of the Urban Improv program to the board, media and
funders as needed.
● Serve as an organizational ambassador in efforts to foster new partnerships.
● Assist with the creation and curation of new community performance events with the EAD.
● Model leadership and core values of unity and collaboration in all settings.

● Strong alignment with the Rehearsal for Life mission, vision, and values.
● Demonstrated commitment to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
● Proven track record as effective manager of creative youth development program.
● 5+ years of service as a teaching artist in a school youth organization setting.
● 3+ years experience directing/leading teaching artists.
● 5+ years performing in an ensemble and experience with improv.
● Expertise in applied theatre, social-emotional learning, and creative youth development.
● Proven ability to influence and motivate others, with a keen understanding of how to impact individual
and group mindset, knowledge and skills.
● Strong oral and written communication skills with a pedagogical understanding of how to convey
complex topics to a variety of audiences through performance.
● Strong time management skills, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple tasks/priorities
● Experience with digital curriculum and virtual instruction preferred but not required.
● Bachelor’s degree; relevant advanced degree preferred (Theatre, Education, Arts Integration).

Please send a cover letter and resume to Qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews on a rolling basis, and the position will remain open until filled.  Thank you very much for your interest in Rehearsal for Life. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work together to empower Boston youth.