Winter & Spring 2021 Classes

In addition to offering SIX Freelance Players Troupes and productions this spring, students can now join our creative staff for a variety of workshops and classes in January and February-March!



Audition Masterclass with Mary Torpey

Prepare your monologue and vocal selection and feel ready to deliver a polished and confident audition! Participants should come with audition selections already chosen. Conducted over the Zoom video conference platform. January 2021 only.

  • 45 minutes/class.
  • Class limit: 10.
  • Ages 12-16: Thursday, January 7th & 14th,  6-6:45PM
  • Ages 8-12: Friday, January 8th & 15th, 6-6:45PM
  • Registration is $15 per student for the 45-minute class.


All spring classes are conducted virtually over the Zoom video-conference platform. Costs are $75 per student per 5-week session.

Musical Theater Dance with Jenny Lifson

Want to learn all the great styles of musical theater dance while also learning how to be more comfortable at a dance audition? This class is for you! We will explore the styles of some of the great legends of musical theater choreography (think Bob Fosse), while also learning about more contemporary choreographers of shows like Hamilton and Mean Girls. We will explore a variety of styles — and ultimately prepare you for being a more seasoned and comfortable dancer in your musicals!

  • Classes meet virtually on Mondays at 4 PM.
  • 5-week session; 45 minutes/class.
  • For students ages 12-16; all skill levels.
  • Class limit: 10.

Songwriting with Cooper Evello

Have you ever wanted to write a song? Do you find yourself humming melodies, or having poetry float through your head? Do you play an instrument and want to learn more about how all those notes can fit together to make a song? Cooper’s here to help! In this class we will write and record (to the best of our abilities, safely at home) original songs! Maybe it could be the start of your own original album or the next Freelance Players musical!

  • Classes meet virtually on Mondays at 4 PM.
  • 5-week session; 45 minutes/class.
  • For students ages 8-16; all skill levels.
  • Class limit: 8.

Costume Design with Liza Ulrich

Join our creative team of costume designers as we create garments for theatrical productions! We will choose an existing show to develop costume looks for, and come up with an overarching theme (steampunk, a specific historical period, fantastical, etc.). We’ll learn how to make our ideas come to life through character sketching and mood boards. We will use found objects and materials from our own worlds to create a cohesive final production through photos and videos that can be shared online.

  • Classes meet virtually on Tuesdays at 4 PM.
  • 5-week session; 45 minutes/class.
  • For students ages 12-16.
  • Class limit: 10.

Write a Musical with Sally Campbell and Mike Healey

From brainstorming to production in five weeks! Create characters, develop a plot, focus on themes, and write a short script and zany songs for a musical unlike any other! We will live-stream our final, hilarious creation.

  • Classes meet virtually on Wednesdays at 4 PM.
  • 5-week session; 45 minutes/class.
  • Class limit: 10.

Theatre Games with Madeline Hurley

Perform, play games, make friends, get weird, and have fun!

  • Classes meet virtually on Thursdays at 4 PM.
  • 5-week session; 45 minutes/class.
  • For students ages 8-11.
  • Class limit: 10.

Improv with Madeline Hurley

Learn to go with the flow, say yes, make big choices, and work together while honing your theatre skills!

  • Classes meet virtually on Fridays at 4 PM.
  • 5-week session; 45 minutes/class.
  • For students ages 11-15.
  • Class limit: 10.