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Urban Improv Classroom Care Packages were devised in spring 2020 to spark students’ creativity and critical thinking during a difficult time, while also providing a few laughs. Each short video package features an original song and/or scene about the week’s focus topic, along with prompt questions for educators to guide students into deeper thinking. These prompt questions can also serve as a starting point for anyone who want to facilitate conversations related to social-emotional learning (SEL).

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Open the Door
(Appropriate for all ages)

Welcome to Urban Improv with our theme song! Our model uses music, theater and, most importantly, imagination to find creative solutions to real-life problems.

  • Runtime: 1m45s
  • SEL focus: self-awareness, self-management

Meet the Ensemble
(Appropriate for all ages)

Meet our ensemble of actor-educators in an old-school video-game sequence. Learn how each one is coping with and using their imagination during the stay-at-home order. Prompt questions focus on how students have been creating structure at home and what they are looking forward to in the future.

  • Runtime: 3m46s
  • SEL focus: self-awareness, self-management

Companion Video: Improv Game: “Questions Only” An improv game that you can play with family, friends, students… you can even invite your “Zoom-bombers” to join. Easy to learn, challenging to master! (Runtime: 2m45s)

All This Technology
(Appropriate for all ages)

Our most teacher-requested topic! Features the song “All This Technology” for the new digital age we’re all living in. In the accompanying scene, a Zoom call goes awry. Prompt questions ask students to step into the role of one of the scene characters and help address some of the interpersonal issues in the Zoom call.

  • Runtime: 3m27s
  • SEL focus: social relations, self-management

Family Tree
(Best for elementary grade levels)

Family means different things to all of us. This video explores a topic that’s often very literally close to home, especially as most of us are currently sheltering at home with our families! Opening with the ASL-interpreted song “Family Tree,” the scene that follows is interrupted by an intergalactic guest. Prompt questions ask students to help Randall, a visiting space alien, learn what family means to us.

  • Runtime: 5m42s
  • SEL focus: self-awareness

Companion Video: “Family Tree” ASL Instruction — Learn the American Sign Language (ASL) for the featured song, “Family Tree,” with actor-educator Merle. (Runtime: 4m30s)

Forward Share/Crossing Lines Online
(Best for middle grade levels)

All actions have consequences — even if they’re actions we’re taking online or on our phones. Crossing lines online: when a classmate’s comment upsets him, Jake discusses with his friends his plan to retaliate through an Instagram post. Prompt questions ask how his friends might intervene before his “joke” goes too far — and if behavior like this really can be, or should be treated as, “just a joke.”

  • Runtime: 3m58s
  • SEL focus: social awareness, responsible-decision-making

Welcome, Welcome/Imagination
(Best for elementary grade levels)

Too bored to participate in online games with his friends, Bobby is nodding off in a nap when an unexpected visitor from his past arrives with startling news: “Imaginationland needs your help!” Thus begins Bobby’s fantastical quest to defeat a wicked sorceress and save Imaginationland — and kids’ imaginations everywhere! — from total shutdown. Come along — and bring YOUR imagination!

    • Runtime: 9m08s
    • SEL: self-awareness, self-management

The First Step/Imagination
(Best for middle grade levels)

Our ensemble reveal their secret identities as the IMAGINATORS. With their leader kidnapped by Tedium Tyranium, the “mind-numbingly boring” force of evil who drains people and activities of their creativity, the Imaginators must combat monotony and disinterest with inspiration and imagination — and your help! Our accompanying (and brand-new!) song, “The First Step,” encourages students to think inventively about how we make music.

    • Runtime: 11m13s
    • SEL: self-awareness, self-management

Life’s Unfair/Fairness
(Best for elementary grade levels)

What do we do when circumstances feel unjust? Tonight, every member of the Clark family experiences something that feels unfair to them — nobody gets what they want. How do we cope when the things we want feel so unfairly out of reach — especially nowadays? 

    • Runtime: 7m17s
    • SEL: self-management & social relations

When Things Fall Apart/Coping
(Best for middle grade levels)

Frustrated by the obstacles inherent to social distancing restrictions and the overall uncertainty of the pandemic (especially from adults!), Jenna isolates from her friends and family. What do we do with overwhelming negative feelings?

    • Runtime: 8m35s
    • SEL: self-management, self-awareness

We hope you find these care packages to be a valuable resource for your students, your family and your community.
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