Since Urban Improv’s launch in 1992, our staff has developed a curriculum of interactive scenes and songs that provide the formal basis for this program.

Teachers, principals, and students have helped shape the curriculum over the years, and education and psychology experts have provided advice and review. We work closely with our school partners to ensure that the topics addressed in the workshops are relevant to the needs of their students.

Before I did Urban Improv, when my friends would get into an argument, I would’t know what to do, but after Urban Improv I learned how to handle those kinds of situations. I learned how to deal with verbal and physical fighting, and aI was able to help my friends stop fighting. Now we’re better friends because of it.

Alexia B., 7th Grade Student at Boston Teachers Union School

My son goes to your workshop with the Murphy Elementary School. I wanted to tell you that you all made a difference in his life. I’m a single mom and his dad doesn’t want anything to do with him. When he comes home from your program, he is so happy and can’t wait to tell me all about it. Thank you so much for making him happy and very proud of himself.

Anonymous Parent, Richard J. Murphy School

We are thrilled to have Urban Improv in our building.

Celina Miranda, Executive Director, Hyde Square Task Force

The curriculum is organized into three, nine-week units that explore various themes:

  • Grade Four: imagination, friendship, self-esteem, peer pressure, conflict, family, fairness.

  • Grade Five: bullying, peer pressure, snitching, physical challenges/differences, prejudice, conflict, coping.

  • Grade Six: responsibility, electronic addiction, bullying, conflict, personal boundaries, homophobia.

  • Grade Seven: bystander, cyber bullying, conflict, peer pressure, prejudice, communication.

  • Grade Eight: gangs, drugs, bystanders, teen pregnancy, racism, homophobia and changing home lives.

  • High School: Violence/conflict resolution, friendship, bystander issues, gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy, homophobia, and racism.

Our Partner Schools:

  • Boston Teachers Union School
  • Dennis C. Haley Pilot School
  • Mission Hill School
  • Nathan Hale School
  • Richard J. Murphy School
  • St. Patrick School

Each classroom participates in one workshop a week for nine consecutive weeks. Workshops run for 75 minutes and are held at Hyde Square Task Force in Jamaica Plain.