Youth Unscripted is an after-school program open to Boston-area high school students who are interested in a welcoming space where young people can share their experiences, practice leadership skills and use creativity for social change. The program is led by Urban Improv actor-educators on Mondays from 4:30 – 6pm, from mid-October to late March.

From around the city, high school students connect with each other using interactive theater games, scene work and discussion, to explore identity and relevant social issues like racism, gender identity and mental health.

Together with the actor-educators, students use the discussions and exercises throughout the year to plan a culminating performance that is open to the public, inviting them to explore the issues most important to them and their communities.

When I walked into Youth Unscripted this year, I walked into a room of people that I didn’t know and now those people are my closest friends. My Youth Unscripted leaders have become really important mentors who have given me important tools to use in my everyday life. We talk about EVERYTHING. Youth Unscripted is all about coming together. We connect on issues of emotional substance like homophobia, racism and sexism. That way, we become open to new ways of thinking and acting.

Kanilla, 10th grade student, Boston Collegiate Charter School
Youth Unscripted is supported in part by funding from the CARES Act and the National Endowment for the Arts.